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Get a bar of every soap we have - guest sized - just enough to see what each looks, smells and feels like before you commit to that big order.

Our cold processed soap loaves are made with the creamiest nut & vegetable oils along with shea butter for a hard, long lasting, moisturizing soap bar. Our bars lather in hard or soft water and are cured for a minimum of 6 weeks for the best cold process bar of soap you can buy!We sell our whole loaves of soap in increments of 2lbs each that yield about 8 bars - 10 bars if you like 'em smaller & they can be cut and sold as soon as you receive them. If you would like for us to cut the bars for you, there will be a charge. This will yield a minimum of 8 four oz soap bars (bars will weigh a bit more due to the cutter size).We do not use ANY animal products in our soaps like beeswax, honey, milk, lard, tallow, etc.We customize orders all the time, so if you would like to send us your scent or if you would like a particular color/size/design, please email or call us with your ideas. We are very seasoned soapers and can do almost anything with our soaps!Please allow extra time for special orders - lead times for customized orders can be up to 2 weeks, so do not delay.Ingredients: Saponified oils of babassu, coconut, palm kernel, avocado, sunflower, castor, shea butter, fragrance & ultramarines, oxides and clays for coloring. A full ingredient list is available for all soap loaves/bars.

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